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About us

Why Choose FMS?

FMS stands apart from the rest as our deep sense of love and affection for young ones is reflected in our unique approach to education which is based on a commitment to :

Joyful pursuit of Lifelong Learning

We believe there is no restriction on what children can learn. Our broad and balanced curriculum provides opportunities for children to explore, devise, experiment and investigate. We create an opportunity for our children to set out with purpose on the great adventure of learning

Celebrating the Uniqueness of each child

At FMS each child's learning is meaningful, creative and intrinsically valued without being compared to others

Providing a Caring and Safe Environment

Learning goes inside and outside the classroom at FMS and we provide a caring and safe environment that respects, trusts and treasures each individual child. In turn children actively participate in co-curricular activities and develop a sense of belonging with the school.

Supporting our Professional Educators so they can promote learning with energy and passion

The teachers earn the respect of parents and children through their commitment, dedication, skills and educational expertise. We recognise the importance of maintaining a high calibre staff team, encouraging each team member to develop continuously, both personally and professionally.

Honouring the role of Parents

We respect Parents role as the child's first teachers. We value your support and contribution in helping us during the child's transition from home to school.