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In today's fast paced world we are running a race with different motives. A race to be rich, successful, powerful or to outshine others. Somewhere we neglect our relationships, our friends, our health and most importantly - our children. Some Quick Tips for today's busy parents

Rethink and Rearrange your priorities : Spend quality time with your child. Be involved in your child's life both physically and mentally. As a parent it would require you to sacrifice what you want to do for what your child needs you to do.

Lead by Example : Parents are the biggest source of learning for a child. Your child observes you silently. Most of the parents forget this important aspect of human nature. We should not expect our child to be honest, truthful, hard working, motivated if we as parents behave opposite to that in our daily lives.

Follow a Balanced approach : As parents we should not be over indulgent or insensitive to our child's needs and demands. Our love and affection should be genuine and should never be replaced by material possessions like expensive gifts, clothes etc.

Appreciate the Uniqueness of your Child : Every child is a unique individual and should be respected accordingly. As parents we expect our child to be "THE BEST" in everything that we want him to do. Indentify his inner strengths, weaknesses, potential, interest and motivate , channelize his energies in that direction irrespective of the results. Remember a child can performs the best in what he likes the most.

Encourage Self- Control and Self-direction: As Parents we become the captain of our child's ship. As a result our child develops a sense of dependency for every decision of his life. Advice your child but let him take control of his actions and decisions. If your child shows or demands autonomy or freedom then give him the space and don't equate it with rebelliousness or disobedience.

Avoid All forms of Abuse: A child who is spanked, hit, slapped or is subjected to any form of physical or mental abuse can deviate towards aggressive or reclusive behaviour . The child is either more likely to be a bully and use aggression to solve disputes with others or show withdrawal symptoms and avoid socialization .

Be consistent and Fair: As parents we need to be consistent in our judgement and fair in our advice. If our rules vary from day to day in an unpredictable manner or if we enforce them intermittently then we confuse our child. Inform your child about your negotiable and non-negotiables and be consistent in your approach. The more your advice is based on facts and wisdom than sheer dominance, the less your child will challenge it.

Never Criticize : Parents should avoid criticism of teachers, school, elders, relatives in front of child. Criticism breeds anger, confusion and avoids effective learning.

Give Respect to get respect: Love your child, Pay attention to what he says and does. Speak politely to him. Treat him as a unique individual. Remember children treat others the way their parents treat them. Remember the best way to get respect is to give respect.

Be a friend, guide, mentor, counsellor and most importantly a LOVING Parent to your child and I assure you that this investment will reap rich dividends.