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Rules & Regulations

For Parents/Guardian

  • Parents are requested to regularly encourage their wards to participate in all the school activities.
  • Parents should seek prior permission and fix an appointment to meet the Principal or the teachers.
  • Parents are requested to regularly check their wards's Almanac to ensure that Home assignments are dully completed. All the teachers' remarks should be dully acknowledged by the Parents.
  • In case of absence of your ward from the school, the parents should fill the Leave form and submit it to the school. In case of sick leave, medical certificate should be submitted along with the duly filled leave form.
  • In cases of Short Leave , parents/guardian (registered with the school) are requested to personally pick the child from the school to ensure the safety and security of our students .No student will be allowed to leave the school without a parent/guardian (registered with the school)
  • Parents/Guardians are requested to personally pick and drop the children from their respective Bus Stops.
  • Parents/Guardians are requested not to overtake or stop the school bus to facilitate the boarding of your child as this can endanger the safety of students.
  • A notice of atleast one week must be given for any certificate or document required from the school.
  • Parent Teacher meetings are held at regular intervals and parents/guardians are advised to attend all the PTM meetings.
  • Parents are also requested to ensure that their wards follow the school rules and regulations. Any breach of school discipline or disrespect to staff will be viewed seriously.

For Students

  • The students should attend the school regularly.
  • The students are expected to reach the school on time. Latecomers will be counselled and parents will be informed.
  • Books and copies should be brought as per the Time Table
  • The students should wear neat and clean school uniform as prescribed for the day of the week. They should also wear their school I card during school hours.
  • The school is a co-educational institution and therefore boys and girls should demonstrate appropriate respect and decorum for each other.
  • The students are expected to respect Indian culture and ethics and use of derogatory language is strictly prohibited.
  • The students should participate in all the curricular and co-curricular activities of the school.
  • The students should demonstrate good manners and be respectful and obedient towards the elders.
  • In case of Habitual contempt shown towards the school authorities, purposeful destruction of the school property or breach of school rules and regulations, disciplinary proceedings will be initiated.
  • The students are expected to maintain proper personal hygiene and keep their surroundings clean.
  • Mobile phones, Cameras, other electronic gadgets should not be brought to the school. Violation of the above rules will be viewed seriously.